Shah Rukh Khan Will Go to Indonesia Duet with Norman Kamaru

Most Indonesian people appear to feel comforted by his background as an entertainer police. Is a First Brigadier Norman Kamaru origin a police officer who is now a popular Gorontalo across Indonesia and even overseas thanks to his music videos uploaded on YouTube, entitled ‘Police Gorontalo craze’. In the video Norman Kamaru sang an Indian song that brought the famous Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan titled “Chaiyya Chaiyya” in lipsync.
Indonesian people feel comforted and sympathy to the First Brigadier Norman Kamaru because his emergence is a surprise for the people of Indonesia that had a negative opinion towards the police with the emergence of many cases that occurred in Indonesia involving police officers.  
Of course by the appearance of Norman Kamaru in the entertainment world and was interested and liked the community, could be conditioned in imaging the police. All ranks of police service was originally going to give sanction to the actions of Norman, Norman instead turned into support for his career in the arts and entertainment.

But there is one hope left that have not been fulfilled by the appearance of the highly anticipated First Brigadier Norman Indonesian society is, the arrival of the famous Bollywood super star Shah Rukh Khan to Indonesia for a duet with (Shah Rukh Khan from Indonesia), First Brigadier Norman Kamaru. Hopefully, First Brigadier Norman quickly met with Shah Rukh Khan and singing together in duet. Success First Brigadier Norman!

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